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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  October 28, 2012 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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osweiler will just turn and give the ball to ronnie hillman. he's seen a lot of action tonight. the san diego state rookie. 14 carries and 86 yards. broncos tonight, manning is manning and mcgahee with 122 yards on the ground. thomas, seven catches and a 20-yard average. and they have rushed the ball, have the denver broncos, for a total of 226 yards tonight. more yards and more td passes in four straight games. only steve young has done that in the past. we will go down to the final minute. a smiling manning and the denver broncos for the first time this year, have won back-to-back games.
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tough to see this one coming for the saints offense. the fact that they have been shut down and jimmy graham and the gang will go back home and take on the philadelphia eagles a week from tomorrow. >> cris: watching willis mcgahee tonight and his performance made me think of a young man from south carolina, this marcus lattimoo d lattimore who had a devastating injury yesterday. mcgahee was drafted and had to sit out a year. look at him now. 31 years old and still going. marcus, a lot of football fans around the country are thinking about you and hoping it all turns out just like it did for willis mcgahee. >> al: i was watching that on television yesterday. the guys were talking about that exact same thing. you hope the result is the same. so colquitt comes in to punt on
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fourth down. the saints will head back to louisiana with a mark of two wins and five losses to take on philly. and denver, next week, will go to cincinnati. fair catch called for. made by sproles at the 13 yard line. >> cris: i'd be hard-pressed to point out what i thought the flaw was in the broncos right now. they are so battle-tested after the teams they had to play, after the first seven games, get a guy like keith brooking come in here and sort of solidify the run game. a good-looking team right now. it really is. >> al: you know, brees reminds me when steve young, i think, was losing 40-8 at one point. george seifert tried to pull him and he said, "not a chance."
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here is brees. he just doesn't -- it may be a junk play that means nothing, but he is going to take them to the finish line with a kneel-down. >> cris: like a krapt going down with the ship. >> al: that's a good way to put it. >> cris: see you at the bar. >> al: so the denver broncos dominate and win the game. the final score is 34-14. coming up next, it will be the wendy's postgame report. michele with a trio of broncos stars, as manning and brees exchange pleasantries. that is coming up after these messages from your local nbc station. . ♪
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on almost everything. impressive performance by the broncos tonight, pushes them into first place in the afc west and pretty much pushes the saints at 2-5 to the brink. our players of the game, peyton manning, obviously, 22 of 30. three tds. demaryius thomas caught seven of them and a touchdown for him as well and champ baeiley that bottled up drew brees. they are down on the field with michele. >> michele: a scare before halftime when your hand hit that helmet. how is the thumb? >> it's always kind of a quarterback's biggest fear a hand on the helmet. i think it's the fingernail actually. it will be sore tomorrow but
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wasn't too bad and able to play in the second half. >> michele: you have been looking for a complete game out of this team. how about this one measure up to what you have been hoping for? >> i'm sure the coaches will find some mistakes on the film, michele, but it was close. coming off the bye week we thought we should be better. guys were rested and corrected some things that were giving us trouble throughout the first two games and really came out offensively and defensively and special teams, i thought, pretty much played a complete game. >> michele: this was your fifth consecutive game with 300 yards passing which i'll note is a broncos franchise record and when you consider elway played here that is something. how far have you come in these seven games? >> i think our team has come far, especially offensively as far as what i'm doing every day. the receivers i have a better rapport with them and offensive field with what plays they like. willis and ryan did a great job running the ball and opened up passing lanes. i think the team is maturing and hopefully, we will keep it going. >> michele: you mentioned
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demaryius thomas standing next to you. you're getting in a groove with all of your receivers. >> these guys are very talented. the more situations we are in the more we should improve. demaryius played great tonight and sure am proud of him. >> michele: congratulations. >> thank you. >> michele: the receivers played a very good game tonight, demaryius. as peyton said you two seem to be communicating better and getting on the same page. how far are you guys come in these seven weeks? >> we get better and better every week. you know, i just feel like the repetition the better you get and tonight, you know, we had had a couple of -- they were trying to stop the run the whole game. we had some wide open lanes for our receivers, so, you know, that's going to help us out more, more one-on-one, one-on-one. >> michele: you have mentioned that at practice peyton will coach you as though you're in kindergarten. how do you see that translating into the games? >> it's great. one of the routes i was telling you about, i asked to score a
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touchdown on it. it just get better and better every week. we sit is down and talk. i do the things he wants me to do and i gets better and better, more repetition. >> michele: congratulations, demaryi demaryius. champ, we spoke to you before the game. you said we have to do our job. you held drew brees 213 yards passing. how were you guys so effective? >> i got to give a lot of credit to our front. our coaches made great calls and boys up front were just playing nasty and hungry and i tell them i'm leaning on you and they show up every week. and i give a lot of credit to those guys. >> michele: you've been through a lot of ups and downs with this team. right now you're 4-3. how do you see yourself with the toughest part of your schedule behind you, how do you see the rest of this season playing out? >> i really don't know. one game at a time. we really can't look past our next opponent because you never know. man, teams get hot. they get cold. you never know. you got to show up every week ready to do your job and how we
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got to take it. >> michele: your defense showed up tonight. congratulations. >> thank you, ma'am. >> michele: bob? >> thank you, michele, and your interview subjects. tony dungy, your reaction to tonight's game and your old quarterback' performance tonight? well, i thought piton was outstanding, job. you heard him talk about rapport. you heard demaryius thomas talk about repetitions and that is what i saw tonight. i saw a team that was in sync. he knows some of his old teammates but willis mcgahee understanding when they are getting the ball and the timing has to be perfect. eric decker, how am i going to run this corner route and what angle will i come out at? you're starting to see this look better and better and i i got bad news for the rest of the afc. i think peyton manning, his performance is going to improve as the season goes on. i've seen him get a team on eight, nine, ten-game winning streaks and i think that could happen for denver. >> let's turn our attentions to your old team and peyton's old team, indianapolis. what do you think andrew luck
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and what he did today? >> well, he's been outstanding all year. today, winning a game in overtime. he's just been special for them. and there was a lot of concern about luck, how was they going to handle the comparisons of playing in peyton manning shoes? but he has been great. he has found reggie wayne and got that chemistry going with him. but the thing he has given them is the belief that they can win every game. so as tough as it was getting rid of peyton manning, letting him go, i think jim irsay made the right call because he has got a franchise quarterback who is going to be there for the next ten years and who is going to be a great one. >> thank you, tony. they beat the titans in overtime today and took their record to 4-3, speaking of the colts. tune into the all-new profootball talk, folks. every weekday at 5:00 p.m. on the nbc sports network. that's it. network. al and cris back to wrap things up after this. . y's?
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>> al: our poll every week, everybody ranks the teams 1 through 32. little doubt right now which team is number one and we see them next week against dallas. >> cris: they can do so many things well. you know, julio jones is healthy in way he was and roddy white and tony gonzalez, the ageless wonder back there. mike nolan now the defensive coordinator. if they are legit, i mean, they are the legitimate best team in football right now. >> al: the atlanta falcons. i tell you who is in the top ten right now in the power polls. the denver broncos. >> cris: with a bullet, too. you get the feeling that the best is about to happen for this football team. >> al: see you in dixie next week. cowboys and falcons on "sunday night football." 34-14 our final score tonight in denver as the broncos knock off the new orleans saints. until next week, al michaels and
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cris collinsworth and michele tafoya, our gang headed by fred gadeli and malibu hayes with us tonight and on his way back to aspen. saying good night from denver! . >> stephanie rawlings-blake: voting for question seven is an... incredible opportunity for baltimore. jim smith: question seven will bring table games like... blackjack and poker to baltimore.
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>> coming up next memo we track hurricane sandy headed this way. >> live in ocean city, we are definitely starting to feel the effects of sandy, even though she is not near the coast yet. i will have a live report coming up your request a state of emergency in queen anne's county and military equipment is also in place. >> are you ready for hurricane sandy?
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details straight ahead. >> sandy continues to creep up the coast and will soon turn to the jersey shore. we will have the latest from new jersey coming up. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> if you have not already, i would say, in the next few hours, in the next four hours to five hours, those are your last chance to get ready for the storm appeared >> potentially unprecedented weather event that will again tonight and could extend through midday on tuesday. >> the unique part of the storm is unlike any other storm have seen in 20 years of office. the back end of this storm is cold and snow. >> we are urging all citizens to hunker down at home and stay off the road tomorrow.
11:50 pm
>> a good evening, everyone. state officials up and down the east coast, including gov. martin o'malley, warning residents for the -- warning residents to a fair -- warning residents to prepare for the worst. >> that is right. >> so far, 65 deaths have been reported due to the storm. also, more than five dozen flights have been cancelled. >> residence in our area are bracing themselves. -- residents in our area are bracing themselves. >> it is making that critical turn right now, getting east of cape cod. it is still a category 1 hurricane, 75 miles per hour wind. look at the barometer.
11:51 pm
the forecast, it will be approaching the southern jersey shore tomorrow afternoon or evening and pushing inland from there with all of the effects of it coming right into maryland, delaware, pennsylvania, new jersey, and parts of virginia. we have already seen significant rain along the coastal areas, strong gusty when showing up on the beaches. a hint of snow in west virginia and southern west virginia and southern virginia mountains. that is where the cold front is beginning to wrap been. the center of the storm will be pulled back into the mid atlantic. we have two systems merging. then we have won super storm over our region tomorrow afternoon going into the ring. we will give more details on how it plays out for the forecast on monday and tuesday. first, we want to go down to ocean city. lowell. >> i have to tell you, we are talking about the with the rain
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that is associated with this storm. we are especially feeling it here in ocean city. we are at 32nd street, outside of the hilton hotel. i have mine and a monitor here. -- i have my anamometer here. a guest will pick up -- a gust will pick up. we see sustained wind from 18 miles per hour to 30 miles per hour with wind gusts up to 50 m.p.h. as far as the surf is concerned, we're standing on the dunes. you can see the surf making its way just about to the dunes. once in awhile, the way will come in and crashed into the dunes and lyrics -- anticipating the water to creep up even higher as we head into the early
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hours in the monday and then the later hours of monday. it is a piercing rain that hits your face and combined with the sand is almost like this and lasting effect. he did during drafting your face and it stings. it almost feels like someone is -- you get the rain hitting your face and it stains. it almost feels like someone is putting needles into your face. way and spoke with some storm watchers out there who wanted to take a look at this thing. it was a sight to see even earlier today. heavy surf in ocean city, the national service reporting 30 miles per hour wind, 10-foot waves, and the worst of hurricanes and is still a day away. >> we are concerned about hurricane sandy or whatever it
11:54 pm
is when it gets here. >> the mayor has closed the beach and initiated phase two of the emergency evacuation plan, meaning a mandatory evacuation for residents south of 17th street. we've noticed some flooding by midday on the bayside. >> we think our real issues will be in the downtown areas because there is a likelihood, if we do see the tide levels we expect, we could lose power in that area. more likely there them somewhere else. and that causes problems for the residents in that area. >> the threat of the impending storm is enough to get folks to board up on the board of. >> it will blow. we will get something out of this. hope it isn't too bad. >> as far storm watches, we found plenty at it familiar yet dangers site. we are at the end of the boardwalk, which is typically one of the best places to watch
11:55 pm
a hurricane coming down here in ocean city. you can see the waves crashing against the rocks. look out. the waves crashing against the of rocks, unbelievable what we are seeing. wind gusts up to 55 m.p.h., pounding down here. you can see the surf moving up. you can cdc from coming in. there will likely -- you can see the sea foam coming in. they will likely close this area off before the stairs. there are a lot of people down here to take a look. it is a very dangerous situation. >> it is very unbelievable. it is hard to walk. >> something as simple as taking a picture was a chore. take a look at that woman. what do you think of what you're seeing out your down -- seen out here -- what do you think of
11:56 pm
what you are seeing down here? >> we are asking people to use common sense. if everybody stays inside and fall of the plan, everybody will be safe. >> it is very likely, by this time tomorrow evening, where we're standing right now on the dunes, it could be flooded out with ocean water. again to make is very possible as the water continues to pound on the dunes here. it could very well run them away and filled with water. we understand that route 50, the main artery into the ocean city, has been closed due to flooding at the end of the average going into ocean city and because of the high wind. route 90 is open if of seven emergency and need to leave this area. again, through 90 is (route 50 is closed. that is the very latest in ocean city -- again, route 90 is open.
11:57 pm
route 50 is closed. that is the latest in ocean city. >> queen anne's county is now in a state of emergency. they have issued a flood warning on the coastal areas. they have posted a wind warning on the chesapeake bay bridge and open a two emergency shelters. steady rain ripped by wind gusts is trenching queen anne's county, pushing some of the 137 square miles of water closer to spilling beyond the natural shoreline. mardy mitchell is writing of the storm. he is prepared for the encroachment of prospect de. >> that the flood gates around the perimeter of the entire -- of prospect bay. >> the flood gates around the perimeter of the entire building have been put up. >> we have requested military
11:58 pm
assets to come in and help us. we are expecting some large personnel carriers and also two sweetwater rescue teams to help people if it -- two swift water rescue teams to help people if it comes to that. >> making sure that we have our gas tanks full. we will move a couple more to higher ground and is keeping our eyes on the tides. we had to move more furniture out of the first floor to the second floor and ride it out. >> two five-ton transport trucks have arrived courtesy of the maryland national guard to assist if necessary in evacuation's and rescues. a six-person water rescue team is on route. emergency services officials tell us they expect hurricane force wind to hit here tomorrow afternoon. barry sims is in annapolis. >> we have a steady rain here in
11:59 pm
annapolis. he wind gusts have been picking up in the last hour. the big concern here in annapolis and also a in anne arundel county are storm surge s. they are concerned about how that will impact of the low- lying area. the big worry is dealing with flooding. and suv loaded with sand, linda man purchased 30 beds to help protect her annapolis sunglasses store, but she is also sharing with her neighboring businesses. the city of annapolis gave out 40 tons of sand, but it was rationed. storeowners: get 10 bags. residents just 5. >> i came home from vacation early last night. luckily, we had saved some from the storm last year and started out back and pulled it out


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